The mango tree is one of the first fruit trees cultivated in ancient times with the date palm. The mango tree is native to the tropical forests of India, Pakistan and Burma where it still grows wild today. The first text found refers to a courtesan who would have given a mango tree to Buddha. The mango tree was logically exported with Buddhism and reached Malaysia and the Far East around the 5th century. It was then imported by the Arabs in Africa and later in Brazil thanks to the Portuguese colonists in the 16th century. Cultivated in almost all the new world, it will make its appearance in California around 1880.

The mango tree is a tree that can reach a significant size (10 to 25 meters, 33 to 82 ft). Its yellow, green or red fruits are very variable in weight (from 300g to 2kg, 10.5 oz to 4.4 lbs). Its pointed leaves are about 30cm (11.8’’) long and are pink-orange when they are growing, then turn red to become dark green at maturity.


The mango tree is now cultivated in many tropical countries for its fruits and its leaves, the main ones being India, China, Indonesia and Mexico. The mango is a fruit consumed since antiquity, whether in traditional dishes or in fruit juice. This fruit full of flavors is very well incorporated in salads, with cereals and can make excellent sorbets. Also suitable with poultry or duck meat, the mango is an extraordinary fruit that man has adopted in his cuisine around the world. The dried mango leaves are also used in infusions and have many health benefits.


The leaves of the mango tree are rich in vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants and have many minerals. Dried and taken as an infusion, mango leaves have been known for centuries to restore energy and vigor. They are often used to fight against fevers. The extracts of mango leaves are now also recommended in the form of food supplements to give energy to the body and reduce symptoms of fatigue.

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