How does our mind affect our body and health?

The feeling of physical and mental well-being is highly dependent on the brain's ability to generate positive emotions even in times of stress. 


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The consequences of stress are numerous and the causes are multiple. A stressful professional activity, repeated trips, or a difficult life event are just some of the causes of stress that affect daily life. Even if it may seem quite common, stress disrupts the functioning of the nervous system and may cause many symptoms. The best-known signs are fatigue, loss of concentration, metabolic disorders, sleep disorders, depression and burnout.

Developing dietary supplements containing compounds capable of combating the effects of stress on the nervous system, many plants have been known for centuries for their calming effects, their benefits on memory and concentration or their antidepressant power. It is based on this centuries-old experience that scientists have today been able to identify compounds of high therapeutic value and which are promising for a better management of stress-related symptoms.

Many consumers are trying to identify solutions to improve their lifestyle and to find peace of mind. The most important thing is to know oneself well and identify the situations in which stress is felt and what signs need to be treated. This will allow to choose supplements according to compositions that are in line with the needs.



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Meditation is an excellent way to reduce stress and its unpleasant symptoms, but be careful, meditation is not just about closing your eyes and breathing. It is also about looking back on oneself and indulging in personal development. In short, it means getting to know ourselves better and gaining access to a deep and lasting inner peace, far from the tumult of our hectic and worrisome lives.

Meditation is a great tool for reflection, whether it is to find solutions to a given problem, reduce stress, relax or simply to relieve a mind to regain the ability to concentrate. Meditation is not only a relaxation technique, it is also an art of living, a philosophy.

Meditation techniques can be used anytime and anywhere. Everything depends on our availability or the urgency to which meditation must respond. We can meditate in the subway, at the office, in the shower or while walking, at lunchtime or even at bedtime. The essential thing is to take a daily break just for ourselves and not to deviate from it.


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Pilates is indeed an ideal activity to relax and unwind. Its practice now brings together an international community. Its benefits on reducing stress, improving sleep quality and allowing the development of a stronger mind are no longer to be proven.

With the help of ultra-simple exercises, the goal is to relax, to eliminate body tensions, but also to reinforce balance and improve posture. Based on costal breathing exercises (the breathing that comes from the chest), Pilates helps to relax and chase away bad thoughts and stress.

The advantage of Pilates is that it consists of slow exercises that do not require any athletic predisposition. This method can be practiced by anyone at any age. It's even recommended for women who are pregnant.


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In addition to being excellent for health and fitness, walking has important benefits on emotional balance and stress. Walking stimulates the body and especially the brain to secrete serotonin and dopamine, two neurotransmitters known as the hormones of pleasure and well-being.

Walking also reduces the secretion of cortisol, a hormone involved in the regulation of stress, which results in an antidepressant effect that is felt during walking and continues after exercise.

Furthermore, walking could lead to the release of endorphins, which provide a feeling of happiness. However, it is necessary that walking be practiced at a good rhythm and for a duration of at least 30 minutes for the body to secrete this hormone. In general, it is associated with physical effort.

In general, walking on a regular basis helps the brain control its thoughts. Walking reinforces the perception of well-being, increases serenity and promotes healthy and recuperative sleep. To boost its effects, encourage walking for at least half an hour, outdoors and in nature. The mind and body should always maintain a relationship with nature, it is one of the keys to finding balance.


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Depending on one's lifestyle and the underlying stresses associated with it, it is sometimes helpful to identify an activity to free one's mind and think about something else to reduce the level of stress and its unpleasant symptoms.

The mind can escape through reading, a game of chess, painting or gardening. This type of activity generates moments that resemble hypnosis by putting the conscious mind in a trance-like state which reduces the level of stress.

Certain sports are also recommended to relieve stress. In particular, sports allow you to let off steam and release negative energies. Boxing, basketball, tennis or skiing, for example, are sports that mobilize the mind as well as the body. The goal is to take your mind off things by practicing an activity that you enjoy and that allows you to let off steam.

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