The Absence of Yeast Exposure from our Environment Weakens our Defenses

Our body’s immune system is divided into two parts: the acquired and the innate immune system. The acquired immune system is an effective system developed by evolution, with the main feature being the "remembering" of pathogens. When this defense system encounters a new pathogen, it forms specific memory cells and if the same pathogen attacks again, these memory cells activate and destroy the pathogen.

The innate immune system is the body's overall defense mechanism. It does not produce memory marks and always reacts in the same way against attacks on the body. It is the first defense faced by pathogens and designed to respond quickly. It recognizes only a few antigens, such as gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria and glucan-containing fungi.

Beta Glucans Enhance our Innate Immune Defense

Beta glucans isolated from baking yeast have proven to be the most effective way to enhance the immune defense. This long-chain 1.3 / 1.6 beta glucan is effectively triggering our body's innate immune defense against viruses and bacteria.


Keeping stress under control is essential for a healthy immune system. In chronic and long term stress, our body secretes a hormone, cortisol.  The high cortisol production suppresses the immune system and contributes to inflammation that can damage our organism and cause illnesses. A lot of people are feeling stressed on a regular basis. The stress comes from many sources—work pressure, being frustrated of long commuting times, concern over the safety of family members, the family in general and personal economic insecurity. All this stress can translate into a lowered immune status.

Crowded Transport

Millions of commuters on various overheated, over-crowded transport systems provide ideal conditions for the transmission of bacteria and viruses. The high speed global travel is risking the single passenger to contract a virus or bacterium on one continent and arrive in another continent before the first symptoms emerge. Such passenger can transmit a massive number of pathogens to a large number of humans.

How Can We Protect Ourselves and Others?

Adding beta glucans back into the diet restores the effectiveness of the innate immune system, bringing remarkable health benefits. However, not all beta glucans are equal. Glucans are found in a variety of sources and each beta glucan type has a typical structure bringing a unique biological activity. The yeast-derived beta glucans possess the greatest immune support and particular high efficacy has been found with the micronized beta glucans. This is due to the minimal size of the fragments, which allows better absorption and bioavailability with considerable low dosage.

Author - Boris Hueni

Boris Hueni is a biologist by training and has worked for over 10 years in research and development laboratories. He holds an MBA in business development and currently works as a consultant and entrepreneur in the biotech and agro-food sectors.

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