Business Trip - Enjoyable and Stressful?

Planning a trip is exciting, the scheduling and preparing can be exhausting, but having a successful business trip is very rewarding and gives you a true feeling of joy and success. However, the stress related to travel can disturb your mental balance and can cause unwanted stress symptoms. To prevent these, you may want to seek for natural ways to combat the stress.   

Saffron With a Long History in Herbal Therapy

Saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world, because it must be harvested by hand. It also takes a large quantity of blossoms and dried stigmas to make even one kilogram of the spice.

Saffron is known as a spice for more than 4000 years and the first traces of its use in food were found in Mesopotamia. The Persians made perfumes and aromatic oils based on saffron to produce strong aphrodisiacs. In the army of Alexander the Great, saffron was used to heal wounds and historically people used saffron to treat a number of health conditions, including improving mood and for treating depression. For this reason saffron has been called the “sunshine spice”, because it will help brighten your mood.

New Generation Saffron Extract – affron[reg]

The material used for affron[reg] is 100 % Spanish saffron, cultivated in manufacturer´s own fields and processed in highly sophisticated extraction plant to achieve an extract standardized to active ingredients. These are proven to be highly bioavailable with rapid absorption and the results are confirmed by several randomized, double-blind and placebo-controlled studies.

The mechanisms of action are based on the reuptake inhibition of neurotransmitters in neurons resulting in the improvement of mood balance and reduction of oxidative stress in central neuron system during anxiety and stress. The results were achieved with a low daily dosage of affron[reg].

Travel Stress

This new generation saffron extract has been shown to reduce the anxiety, depression, stress and tension related to work, travelling and other challenging situations in the daily life. The supplementation with affron[reg] significantly decreased the depressive symptoms compared to the placebo group and was well-tolerated without any side effects. The study participants were very satisfied and confirmed that they would likely continue to take affron[reg].

Relaxation and Sleep Quality

Sleep deprivation is a global problem, although not well recognised and the negative impact is often very serious. It is estimated that almost half of adults have regular difficulties in getting to or staying asleep. Poor sleep brings serious health implications, disrupting mental and physical health. Too little sleep is also associated with a high risk of mortality.

The study to test sleep-improving effects and safety of affron[reg] showed a low-dose (28 mg) of affron[reg] to achieve a significant improvement in sleep quality. The test persons felt more refreshed after awakening, which made their day easier and considerably improved their overall quality of life.

Enjoying Travel Without Stress

It is now possible to prepare yourself to a business trip without stress and to enjoy the personal tranquility during the travel and to return home with satisfaction and relaxation. The meetings with customers and colleagues don´t need to fill you with anxiety and depression, so you can enjoy all human relations during your travel. You will also sleep without disturbance, will stay alert and with good mood through your entire travel.

Author - Boris Hueni

Boris Hueni is a biologist by training and has worked for over 10 years in research and development laboratories. He holds an MBA in business development and currently works as a consultant and entrepreneur in the biotech and agro-food sectors.
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